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Sunday, May 20, 2018

as if impossible 5/20/18

the position of impossibility
is a presumed conclusion 
that scours as surveillance over our lives
almost as a sense of invisible fences
a presumed dictum about limits and range
oh you could go and do that if
but that would be so extreme of you to bother
and then there is the-even-beyond
that which is not possible
it is a common sense dictum 
“not doable” 
“don’t even”
this is just a silly random thought
from the vagrant dumpster 
of a wily wandering mind
impossible assumes a common-sense linkage
the sum total of one’s personal experience 
deems this to be so
probably no one has ever even thought of this
much less entertained doing it
not asking for it to be dangerous
not asking for it to be lookey-loo weird
just . . . what if
like what if humans could communicate ,
but not by words?
what if soul-mate was actually all of us as one?
what if we all gave up on species entitlement?
hey, I’m just saying,
how impossible is all of that? . . .

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