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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

pain is a snitch 5/23/18

pain is a snitch
when pain is the flashflood in the mind,
most of the attention seems issue bound.
evident is formal and center stage.
one is in receivership of the oncoming
whether it is overload or incessant. 
it is hard to sneak off into a self on the side
to view a person of oneself 
that is in receiverships’ response,
or the who of oneself that is interpreting.
oh the glory of conclusions blasted internally
from philosophic to primal,
from statutory remorse to ill-faded logic.
the brow beating can go on 
in apparent steeped silence.
but there is more,
more to oneself than just the storable victimhood.
there are inner reserves
that can see the pain as a messenger,
not as either the accuser or the incessant assaulter. 
there is a person within who can answer 
that pain-messenger at the door of consciousness,
that can address and assist in the summoning,
to call upon the healer from within,
to release the visionary of self, 
to be creative with the apparent circumstance,
to reframe and redirect the use of one’s energy,
to withdraw from reactive,
and to impart upon the journey inwardly offered.
also to leave the state of ongoing conclusions
and to enter into the dynamic that pain represents,
to be of the body but not,
to be source-full from beyond this circumstance,
to tone with the pain as if in a choir,
to transcend the body of self
and administer to the being from within.
yes, there is pain as if ongoing.
it is a message 
that the who of you wrote in receivership.
you are in the first person
and also the first in first-responder capacity.
if reality seems flat then victimhood is likely.
if you have dimensional wherewithal 
then magic or what could seem like magic
is possible as participation in this dance of pain.
pain may awaken the deeper residence within
where the sense of being has laid dormant
because the reality movie had no other intervention.
but now there is that unexpected knock at the self-door.
pain can be a guidance system to a deeper truth of being,
not a given by any measure.
our apparent culture does not advise.
money can’t be made if you are your own healer,
but the wisdom of you can more deeply appear.
the witness of you can have more in your life-say.
do not discount the immediacy of pain.
but there is also 
what the actual deep source of that pain
is readily attempting to say,
in dialogue rather then assault.
be not just a listener but also a self advocate.
pains are like snitches, 
telling about the possibilities 
of deeper truths in play.
western medicine wants to kill the messenger
before hearing the deeper message.
pain is so creative
but in dimensions not normally attended to.
each one of us has constant access to spirit
but pain is the dirty snitch,
yet only trying to remind us . . .

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