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Saturday, May 26, 2018

reasoning from evaporative means 5/26/18

reasoning comes from an evaporative means
when it is from the mind.
there is multiple voices
and varied opinions expressed.
they all seem to be 
from the bleachers in response.
when it is out of the blue
it is vastly instantaneous.
there is vision and movement without effort.
when it comes from emotional places within
there is an auric embrace.
nothing is said
but all is deeply expressed.
some level of earnestness is already in movement
even before conscious mind thinks of action.
when I witness my person in these lights,
reasoning from evaporative means
gives me insight into spirit,
makes my view effortlessly complete.
the feel is connectedness.
the world is a dance.
delight exists without a means 
or as experiential proof.
channeling existence 
is so much more of the hologram
and way less of the movie . . .

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