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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I just said what you said 5/9/18

you can’t walk on the water
as long as you are separate from the lake.
you can’t breath in the environment
as long as breath-in is simply what you take.
you can’t become one
as long as self is the process.
you can’t be the think
as long as thought is what you get.
you are the restraints of self
from all there is to being.
go-figure makes it all more remote.
it isn’t that you have a body,
it is that you have account.
if you were more current on the intake
then you’d be less on conclusion’s outpour.
if you were more of the isness
then you’d be less of the ‘it’ factor of yourself.
everything said offends,
until you have realized from the saying it, 
truly to yourself.
language, what a stunner,
as if understanding sets you free . . .

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