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Saturday, January 16, 2016

the experience format 1/16/16

We lack a deep-being integrity to our consciousness.
We function more so with our reptilian brain tool kit 
as our first-responder in our initial experiential impressions.
Because our experience style claims that we are separate 
from everything, in how we discover whatever we discover, 
that is by a presumed unstated separateness from us to start. 
In our terms of engagement, 
experience is then consciously characterized 
by its sensory separateness from us unspoken claims 
and therefore we do not really sense nor search for deeper connectivity 
with all things inherent in that method as our approach. 
We therefore produce depiction-assigned portrayals 
rather than integration–acknowledged emersion points of view. 
We speak a language that turns into a code 
but not necessarily a language that unlocks into decodes.
We promote a language that produces a warehouse of facts 
that do not necessarily give us a language in fulfillment 
that leads us into the livingness behind those facts. 
Experience by its intrinsic nature, in its functional means, 
is the suicide note about our self-isolation 
that we continue to write as our living. 
Experience is then the exercise apparatus 
that we use 24/7, to put ourselves in a time continuum. 
Being in time, and living in time is both the paper and the ink 
that we use in the pronouncement of lucidly scripting our death notice. 
In an experiential sense, the ‘now’ has no life and it has no death. 
The ‘now’ never becomes the litter on the experiential side of the road. 
The ‘now’ never travels in the road, on the road or as the road. 
Only our consciousness, trapped in time, is living in this metaphor. 
Our experiential reality is the pronounced mantra of distraction, 
to the point of self-capture. 
Such is the experience format we generally use . . .

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