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Saturday, January 9, 2016

knowledge 1/9/16

knowledge is but a lit candle
eventfully providing in that moment,
circumstantial by description’s cast,
be it a birthday cake’s delivery,
a celebrative festival’s hand-held,
vigil’s steadfast show in numbers,
devotional votives by the door,
scattered yet some lit verbatims
in the ascending stadium rows,
or dinner tapers formalized
as stylized presentation towards informational comfort,
be they staunch resolute pillars in a ceremonial settings,
self-made sands, saved as memories handouts,
hawking any attention towards anecdotal,
or throwback hurricanes in tall windows declaring.
knowledge has all these candle light kinds of entry
to be the light in the mind of this moment.
featuring a burn rate of its own
that implies an intended meaningfulness to share
a flash point for a collective in comprehension
possibly across the faces of those in listening reception
and a melt point of understanding
to communicate into the warmth
that a ritual of handout knowing can provide.
knowledge is like this candle power
providing a lit wick’s worth of info
to the mind-sight of those near by
and then within that light’s reach

the common ground is lit as knowledge is mind-full . . .

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