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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dualism is paradox 1/12/16

In time, as in through real time,
there is always an opposing war of views,
a moral predicament of perspective as perception,
as long as running time is an accomplice.
People create positionality as a forwarding means.
In this sense, people are correctional in nature
by necessity as a sense of and for self regard.
Not that dualities do not present and therefore exist
but the puzzle’s solution is not one side over the other.
How did the premise of view come to mean this?
Instead, it is how does sidedness distract us from being?
What is the deeper intent behind our symbology?
If there is a deeper translation to acting out,
how does dualism as an unspoken but working premise
provide for that understanding to surface clearly?
Of course that question then becomes,
what is the work of understanding and its outcome?
If I am positional then I am engaged,
but I am only deepening the premise of paradox further.
What do we get from these kinds of observational styles?
Do I want judgment, verdict, a residence for blame?
Do I want to have a life of countering as if to gain?
If my life is strategic, aren’t I on the same playing field,
living for an outcome as if futurizing is my present?
So we live in a world looking for rainbows
when the actual reality is that it is not a bow at all
but a  full circle of light, cut off by the earth presenting,
same as a sunset is really an earth rise!
Does a full spectrum feature paradox as a true color?

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