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Monday, January 25, 2016

experience the void 1/25/16

If you had to experience the void
you would be confronted with nothing?
Maybe all you would have
is your method of sensory experiencing
thrown in your experiential face.
But then you would have that.
For you would have that in the reframe as discovery.
Then the ‘how’ you experience
is imminently upon you.
You could carefully observe the inner workings
of what goes on in that process of your experiencing.
You would notice how heavily
you depend on your senses,
how quickly names are assigned,
how that assignment is self comforting,
how vast the search is to fill that frame,
how much cognition is necessary to move it along,
how much silent conversation takes place within you,
how you claim you, by how and what you identify,
and how the movie of self-security
is kept moving and safe.
Notice all the frequencies and repetitions that are in play.
The void, is no distraction from this awareness revealed.
How there is depth that neither asks nor seeks any answers.
How all of the heap of language seems to provide nothing.
How all the momentum of being, rides on experience
for without contrast to compare, what are you facing?
Is it an unknown or an unknowable?
If it is an unknown then there are variables in play.
You could foster some other way of being to be with it.
If it is unknowable,
how did you arrive at that conclusion?
Isn’t that more a reflection upon you
than on the void?
If experience was a handrail for support
and you had to go on without that pseudo prosthesis
which we call experience as your guidance system,
where would you be coming from?
Without the immediate framing from experience
what else is going on that has not been addressed?
What if the unknown
was not that inconvenient of a bother?
What if it was always there
but simply secretly withheld?
Not maliciously or viciously so, or with any malice
just, basically, we are not there yet!
Or we haven’t learn how to know about that,
or why the bother with any of that,
given what experience already provides.
What if the void is not empty but basically burgeoning?
Full of all of what we have not been able to embrace,
all of the essence and its nuances beyond our mastery.
Why is the void so ripe and we so hungry,
standing in a long line of the unknowable,
wanting to order up some of the delicious
maybe even scrumptious experiential
yet, unknown (?) . . .

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