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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our earth to us 1/23/16

We have come to blanket the earth
with our version of comforting ourselves
on the earth and now we have to live with
the labor of that species-induced comforting 
that we have intended
which actually does not naturally apply
to the earth itself.
It is as if we have come to perceive the earth 
as our coloring book
in which we then proceed
with our special-needs crayons
to have colored the earth.
And by doing so, we have made the earth pictorial 
and rendered it with our depictions and therefore 
we tell ourselves a story
in which the earth is the material representation 
for our story’s needs.
But this story we tell ourselves
is not the authentic truth,
which is the earth’s backstory itself
that is hidden behind the book
that we continue to make.
We made our interaction with the world
into a currency of our value of it,
which we exchange amongst ourselves.
We, by that process, accepted
a certain blind-folded-ness as our way of life. 
By doing this in our style,
we have created a concept need
for the function of blind trust
rather than participating in the integrity
of being amongst the aliveness
of the planet itself
and all of the beings on it.
We have attempted to make the earth
into our manikin,
upon which we clothed
with our reptilian brain lifestyle wardrobe.
In effect, what we have
by our method of knowledge,
is that we have attempted to take
a branch from the tree of life,
cut it off and use that branch
to beat the life out of ourselves into that tree, 
as our reptilian brain method of approach.
And we see what a by-product
we have become.
Our memory, in this regard,
is like an ocean cruise we take,
on our ocean of think.
We are ever the float
and the remembered enjoyment
but none of the swim or the emersion
or the movements of sacred earthly currents.
Typically, our earth to us is that,
we sometimes can associate our breath
with earth’s breeze
but we have yet to really acknowledge
the work of those lungs of the earth
and what that does for us . . .

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