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Friday, January 8, 2016

And so it goes…. 1/8/16

So you played the “that’s your interpretation” card.
I guess you are claiming
something else to be understood.
My account of this topic
has reached a divergent view.
It now seems almost incomprehensible
for me to have said, surely, in my mind,
“it was at least a concept to be addressed.”
But inquiry seems to have had its limits to engage.
To pursue my explanation gains no traction
in your understanding.
There is nothing countered offered
for me to inquire about.
Belief takes a stand
as by the person supporting it.
So this is duly noted
for when it comes to pass like this.
I need an example of perfection
in the moment to happen.
And then to first-person inquire
as to what happened there.
Until then, this is all a moot point
in this moment.
And so it goes,

but not dismissed or soon forgotten.

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