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Saturday, January 2, 2016

16th contemplation of desire 1/2/16

Is desire that shy introverted third party
at every conscious inner dialogue?
Is desire, so silent, so succinct,
mischievously behind gestures towards speech
with emotional flashcards in passing?
Desire is at the nerve center
beneath body language,
as a consummate maestro,
bringing energy to the in-fade of affirmative melody.
Is desires strummed across the nervous system,
yet unseen
but many times rehearsed and performed
before apparently evident?
Are desires, ever racing towards the tip of our tongues, 
resting out of our conscious minds,
in the lean-tos of our dreams?
Desires seem to out run the darkness of amnesia
and the stage-fright of senility’s silent call.
Are desires the product of secret handshakes
towards consciousness in the mind
between summer camp participants of impulse
and the deep refrain of choruses sung
as future’s calling?
Whatever this is of it that plays you,
come to know this first hand,
desire, as itself,
holds for us a passage, a re-visitation
into an energetic honesty realm of self,
where contradiction, paradox, amorality
and androgyny live
as compassionate brothers and sisters
belonging to the family of oneself,
imploring us headfirst
with cause, heritage, and destiny.

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