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Thursday, June 14, 2018

under cover of starkness 6/14/18

belief cannot embrace amoral positions
taken and exhibited 
by others in control
one’s expectations, 
as a personalized method, 
are readily caught off guard 
when, in the monotony of familiarity,
the unthinkable seems to be occurring
the conjuring of an expanded universe of human control
as in human’s gaining control of the weather 
causing droughts, firestorms as a result,
flash-flooding almost out of nowhere.
weather-patterns shifting,
hundred-year weather events 
in one’s life time, repeatedly.
that is borderline conspiracy theory
shock into born-alive reportable heresy
historically, one cannot say things like that
at least not publicly 
and expect them to be profoundly evidential
so now, all of the habitual humdrum of daily life 
does not permit one to be readied for this intake 
this information, outside of their norm
secretly, you must have discovered
that experience, from the outside in, 
is overrated, well was overrated.
reality was just a menagerie of act-out propositions.
but this type of realization is act-out scary. 
sure, we are slaves of the mind 
and we act as if self-consciousness, 
human-self-consciousness, is judge and jury.
but then, this is how the virtue of sidedness 
comes to die,
transfixed in positions, held as fundamental truth
well, undeniable truth.
fixed positions as tent posts to our reality canopy 
and then to discover
that that basis of benign understanding is false allegiance,
that others, unannounced
have been wildly in the pursuit 
of a deeper sense of human control,
not alignment with 
but control there of.
a brake out from the dualities of right versus wrong,
a method without that kind of rendering,
an amoral approach beyond the positions
of right or ethical, or sane, or duly justified.
almost masked as the correct use of science
for the betterment of mankind,
but not really.
still the game of power and control,
exhibiting game-boards and think-tank efforts
to out think and out maneuver other humans,
as if the game is much the same 
but the stakes and methods are now more extreme.
all of the world is not about embrace.
some can never leave the game of control.
some have methods and tactics beyond account.
the human psyche is a delve.
the mind is the palate,
and we, are yet undisclosed
as the medium of display 
on the earth-stage yet to be revealed.
belief was such a simple way of means and custom.
the rituals of the future,
by these adversarial manipulation and means 
do not bode well for the simplicity-of-heart as method.
divide and conquer by diversion and secrecy
carries on as cathartic act-outs of pain and suffering.
deep thought has come into the hands of bastards
who self-loath themselves into power metaphors
and search for reality circumstances to play.
war is a box of crayons in their hot hands
but having only the colors of red and black to work with.
safety presented as cause is a false shield
fear is the driver,
and protection is from oneself, 
one human sense of self
not united self,
not the oneness of self
but the insidiousness of individual self
some survive, some gain power,
some are in control
all else are props and putty 
as the game is reduced to primal
in the most unauthentic way and means.
so here we are, 
undercover of starkness.
blame is a useless position to hold.
even position as a context
may be ridiculous.
tell me,
say to me, as if through me,
how does heart-felt have a life 
in each of us
going forward?

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