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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

seriously, acquisition is not immersion 6/12/18

acquisition is not immersion
please allow me to explain 
so if you have acquired 
then you’d only have gained a sense of control
but still working under an unsaid assumption
that initially you were separate from that it to start
in order for the experience of gaining control
so if you had that power of control,
then one of the tenets of that power
is that you have the original self experience 
of being separate from it
but then you gained the self-adulation of control over it
so part of the benefit of that control
is that you had to have an audience,
either objects or people
who are in receivership of being controlled 
and are in response to being controlled
as possessions or service to your beck and call.
so if you controlled everything
that does not mean that in any method you applied
you have come into immersion
or any sense of oneness 
with these controlled people or things
then you’ve just continued to orchestrated a universe 
that demonstrates the premise of separatism 
at its most supreme state
therefore to you,
you have the power over all of these people or things.
so to backtrack in more detail,
so the use of the concept of supply and demand
is dependent the premise of need
and need is dependent upon the premise 
that you lack what you want
and your lack is dependent upon the premise of separatism 
in that you either have or don’t have
and that’s dependent upon 
a method of insular self-identification
where everything is objectified 
as objects of or for your usage
in the supply and demand account of living.
so if usage is dependent upon this theory
and this theory is dependent upon your think
and your think is dependent upon 
this particular style of insulation, isolation and separation 
as a means of self in identification
and within this personal sense of identification, 
there is the method of experiential distinction
and experience is totally dependent upon 
that kind of referencing
in order to identify all of everything
and the nature of identification is dependent upon
separation from it in order to identify it  
then the whole the nature of experience 
is a form of addiction 
that does not get you immersion
but only gets you acquisition by understanding
so the fundamental challenges are
to not use the brain 
in this computer-like coveting format 
but to use the brain into a quantum existence 
and part of that quantum existence 
is that you have immersion in it
and there is an integrity in this immersion
rather than a rational integrity 
to the logic of understanding.
so the most difficult self experiment 
is not education, discipline or success
the most difficult self experiment is 
how to channel the quantum existence 
of yourself into oneness
and if so, 
then life is not viewed as referential
and experience is 
only a trivial method of participation.
so then metaphorically,
experience is like the surface of the ocean 
and quantum is the embodiment of that ocean
and our sense of logic would only be 
an attempt to put shoelaces on winged feet.
and more so, in the experience of our minds,
beta brainwaves are like still-shots taken
generating alpha reality-movies
but these alpha movies 
do not generate theta holograms.
and the major element of reasoning for that 
is that alpha and beta states use a through-time-element 
as part of their essential development and presentation
to our normalized time-bound consciousness.
but theta does not essentially exist functionally in time
as its process 
to generate the hologram of immersion.
so rather than the mind-movie for audience experience
where by the audience is not in the state of immersion
either by experience or account
theta brain-state provides the opportunity
for immersion
atrophying the use of experience and audience
and subsequently the need to control
as well as the resulting 
separatism, ownership and possession.
all of which has become the entrapment of
our current nature of experience
and how we negotiate the land of self-consciousness.
then the primary discovery is
that we want immersion
but sadly, we settle for acquisition
and the circus that audience provides as living . . .

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