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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

fallacy of the fill 6/5/18

experience is a menu for the fill
while also providing a workout gymnasium 
as the props of inner growth,
as exercise apparatus for mental impressions
of decision-making’s menagerie. 
it is based upon, of course, the prompting of need
as encouragement for this fill. 
but it is not too pseudo to take place 
and have overall precedent 
as addiction is the nature of the working environment
for the illusion of fill.
fill uses happenstance beckoned into happen-chance.
the mind-read of want provides appropriate perspectives.
once again, the reframe of acquisition 
is the working premise as life ongoing.
existence is duly noted as from the outside in,
yet nothing from the outside in
will bring one’s balance-point into being.
reality is then an endless list of tag-lines
as all of that inner source-work does not come from fill.
fill is just perceived applause forthcoming from purchase.
yes, it is stimulating the internal motherboard of being
by these outside influences
but they are always subject to private interpretation,
internal emotional self-recognition 
and personal consent to live life accordingly.
fill has the bothering with details as an overdraft,
as if to say, “may not see land, but still afloat”
the fill is a myth, as subject to the float of shelf-life
against the monotonous sink from usage.
inner-work, in having its moments,
needs inward self-clarity to recognize the fill
for its worth and worthlessness.
experience is always 
the fill of these disguises presenting . . .

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