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Thursday, December 31, 2015

facing space 12/31/15

space itself is a vagueness of mirror,
occasionally beckoned to reflect.
how it’s occupied is not really what is there
but only what we hallow see.
every space is then a reflection of how we see
and what we claim that we saw.
otherwise there is no concern for the space of itself.
we come from a heritage much like that.
space is stage potential, at our beck and call.
if we claim we own it, then even more so.
but if it be of public domain
then it is still for human consumption.
we have a limited one-sided perspective,
ordained by our inadequate perceptional style.
any space by our human sensory standards
is only an extension of our mind’s recognition.
we have reserved that right to entitlement,
therefore space has much compassion for our disregard.
we are passive functional idiots
in an ocean of complexity and charm.
bless us all, if and when we ever wake up.
everything in our lives is the tea ceremony
yet we persist in doing it blessedly unconscious.
hey, we only know what we know.

and that is how we roll . . .

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