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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Emotion is to think, as feel is to thought 12/29/15

Emotion is to think, as feel is to thought . . .
Thought is our genuine myopia,
and emotion, as of spirit, is the essential driver.
Think’s production is govern by a subtle set
of indoctrinating repetitious syntactical rules,
that preempt any possible think into thought.
Emotions interpreted by this thought as process
are the prime experience of feelings.
Thought is the reduction residue of think’s action.
From a think’s point of view,
emotions interpreted by thought,
post think that is, are conclusions.
We don’t think conclusions
but we have conclusive thoughts.
I know, it seems like splitting hairs.
These conclusions are of feelings’ representation
of emotion, generally based upon previous feelings.
Subsequently, interpretations by thought of feelings,
are conclusive judgments.
Think is a contextual void rendering
brought into mind in time.
Feelings are originally a relativized hologram
of emotional energetic participation
before our experiential all account of the universe,
as brought from think into thought in a timely manner.
Authentic emotional existence is beyond this hologram,
outside the intrusive mental claims
that are quantified in space and time.
Feelings, as thoughts, are the residue from think
as interpretation of emotions in timeframe manner,
reduced into our popular method of experience.
Emotions, as if heartful and heartfelt,
exist outside of time and space’s physical considerations.
Mindful awareness of heartfelt 
is an in-time interpretive non-holographic process 
of linear persuasion,
as an experience presentation,
as well as an example towards mindful’s method
called understanding.
Emotions bathed in the metaphorical, now full time,
are as if as a constant view of the deep star-filled night sky, 
only it is framed by the earthbound viewing perspective.
The think of that viewing circumstance is a reductionism 
into feelings interpreted by us
as if of the sun beating down warmly
upon the cognitive experiential sense of one self,
standing outside, facing the sky of the day,
and immediately name-producing the thoughts
from that situation as into language like;
What time of day? Where are we?
What kind of weather is this?
Although unsaid, but eventually rendered
into an entitled myopic inner question like,
What’s happening?
To be answered by thought, not think
yet interpreted from think,
as that is reduce-rendered from feelings
that are the in-time currency of explanations
of emotions’ energetics
as our integral and consummate deep involvement
with the universe,
to be immediately understood as a right then!
So, what’s happening?
( is a question beckoned from the void of think
from the bleacher view of thought,
so to speak….!)
Emotion is to think, (brought in from yet outside of time), 
as feel is to thought, (all very time bound
in a reality formats that eventually language) . . .

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