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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fear versus love 10/1/14

Fear versus love are distinct broadcasts done as frequency statements no matter the behavioral delivery. Fear is mainly broadcast from human reptilian brain centers across the earth-universe. Love is primarily broadcast from the heart brain living outside of time but downloaded into the experience realm whenever possible, otherwise ever present. That they represent polar positions is a byproduct of our linear mentality. Actually fear is dwarfed by love in a vibrational sense but we seek the preoccupation of experience junkies addicted to time/space continuum displays. If the vibration is gross enough, it registers as mass and we all can symbolically relate to that. But, per chance, subtly appears, then the search for love as in the expressions of love is forever, the search for the Holy Grail in every day life. I suppose the curse is, that they both exist at the same time. One is a product of our versionary truth and the other a product of our visionary search. We seem to possess both but generally dwell in their bipolarity as life, running both from and towards them
as our business of living . . .

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